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Mentoring scheme

University Information Services (UIS) facilitate a mentoring scheme across UIS and the IT community, providing career development support for individuals and institutions.

The mentoring scheme is a great way to support you in your professional development, it provides the opportunity to foster:  

  • Networking: allowing you to meet with other staff members outside your own team
  • Communication: develop communication skills and give or gain advice on a personal level (other than your line manager)
  • Knowledge sharing: share ideas and gain a different perspective in relation to your individual role
  • Development: gain confidence, support and guidance 
  • Wellbeing: provide or receive methods of dealing with challenges and issues Mentoring 2018 info

question-head.png How does the mentoring scheme work?

We'll match potential mentors to potential mentees, based on their areas of interest, while also trying to combine different backgrounds and experience. Support and guidance materials will be provided to when you enrol on to the scheme.

new staff Who is eligible to sign up to the scheme?

  • Any IT related University and affiliated staff 
  • Any UIS staff (including non-IT staff. You'll be matched with someone within the organization from a different division) 


How do I get involved?

You can express an interest in becoming involved in the Mentoring Scheme by completing the enquiry form: 

 Email  Mentoring Scheme enquiry form 

If you'd like more information about the scheme, contact our Professional Development Manager Rinku Raina:

What happens next?

You'll be informed of the next stages by the Professional Development Team. There will be the opportunity to attend workshop sessions to help you prepare and gain the most out of the scheme.  

promo Mentor and mentee feedback videos

Hear from previous mentees and mentors who talk about what they have gained by being part of the mentoring scheme.           

Online educational videos

Mentee feedback

Online educational videos

Mentor feedback

Online educational videos

Mentee feedback

Anna Nerukh.


Alastair Downie.

Gurdon Institute 

Mathew Hinton. 


Online educational videos

Mentoring Scheme 2019  feedback from UIS Deputy Director

Online educational videos

Benefits of mentoring interview with UIS Deputy Director

 Richard Hey

Richard Hey




For UIS, mentoring is building a two-way learning relationship in order to support and encourage people to manage their own development to maximise their potential, upgrade their skills and help them become the person they want to be."

Rinku Raina Professional Development Manager

Contacts and mentoring support documents

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