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The 'Bookable Terms' feature is mainly used by departments when scheduling lectures and exams before opening rooms for ad-hoc bookings.

As a Department Manager you can control the academic terms* in which users can book rooms and resources across the whole of your department. This is over and above individual room inactivity settings which you can adjust separately. A room can only be booked if the term is set to bookable, even if the room itself is active.

* Term dates in Booker are configured to be identical to the academic term dates published by the University.


  1.  In the toolbar at the top, go to Data > Departments.


  2. Find your department in the list. Under the Actions column on the right, select the pencil icon.


  3. Select the Bookable Terms drop-down and choose the terms that you’d like to allow for bookings.


  4. Select Update Department to apply changes