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IT Help and Support

University Information Services

A range of software is available to University members at favourable rates from Academia for education.

Academia for education provides a range of software for University members, including Adobe software, Atlas.ti, Dropbox, Endnote, Matlab, National Instruments (NI), Nvivo and SPSS.


Productivity suites and antivirus software

Office productivity tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for Education, and Trellix antivirus software are available free of charge to all students and staff of qualifying institutions.



Although ArcGIS is not available to download, some online resources and modules are available to students. To be given access, please email our Service Desk with your CRSid.



EViews is available from the Economics IT website.



COMSOL is simulation software. It is used in engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research for modelling and simulating physics-based problems. This software is used by the Engineering Department, but licences can be purchased by the wider University. Faculties can purchase a seat, which is a type of licence that allows them to add as many users with CRSids as needed, for £2400 per annum.  All users will have access to 49 modules. Faculties can also purchase short-term seat licences for either 3 months or 6 months. These licences are useful if access is only needed for a specific project. Find out more about COMSOL on the Engineering Department website.



JMP Pro is statistical analysis and discovery software designed for scientists and engineers. The University currently has a campuswide free licence for one year. Usage will be evaluated after the first year to decide whether this software is needed longer term. The full cost of the licence is £2000 per annum. Find out more about JMP Pro on the Engineering Department website.



Microsoft software is available for purchase from Phoenix Software. For licences in the central UIS Office 365 tenancy, please contact the UIS Service Desk in the first instance. If you log in to with your account, then you use the central UIS Office 365 tenancy.

If you use another ID, then you need to contact your local IT staff for Office 365 licences. Any licences outside the UIS Office 365 tenancy, can be ordered directly from



QGis is open-source software and can be downloaded from Please accept the default options for both the Windows and Mac installations.


University software policy

Under UK Copyright Law, the illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages without financial limit and to criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment. Both the person who made the illegal copy and the relevant University authorities would be liable to prosecution for each illegal copy found. The University has a detailed software policy to which you must comply. It can be found in full at University software policy terms and conditions.

Leaving the University

Most software is available to students and staff for the period of their studies or employment only. This software must be removed from personal machines prior to leaving the University, or handed to your Institution (with the exception of operating systems, which are non-transferrable unless the machine is also transferred) for re-use by another member of staff or student who must then re-register the software, where applicable.



For any queries relating to other software purchases, please contact our Service Desk.