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Panopto, which integrates with Moodle, is used to create, manage and publish online, educational videos.

All courses that are part of Schools, Faculties and Departments and Supervision groups can have Panopto enabled. Colleges can use Panopto for supervisions - please email the Moodle Helpdesk for further details.  

Find out about the Lecture capture service.


Find out how you can use lecture capture effectively to support your learning


You can find more information on the benefits of using lecture capture to support your students' learning.

Types of recordings you can make using the Panopto system

1. Manual lecture capture (MLC)

Use the Panopto desktop recorder in a room integrated with the AV to manually record lectures or create educational videos. You must start and stop the recordings. This is only available in a small number of locations and eventually most of these locations will be upgraded to Scheduled Lecture Capture.


2. Scheduled (remote) lecture capture (SLC)

You can schedule recordings in lecture theatres using a 'remote recorder' with no facility to start or stop the recording on site. This lecture will scheduled by the teaching admin team or student registry for centrally bookable teaching spaces, and requires no action from the lecturer.  

The following should be provided to the team overseeing the scheduling of recordings within the department prior to the lecture taking place, this is often department administrators:

  • destination folder (associated with the moodle course)
  • start and end time
  • name of session
  • consent for the recording to take place

If the lecture is in a departmentally managed teaching space

The scheduled lectures will be put on the system by your teaching admin office or other support team locally. 

If the lecture is in a centrally booked space

The session will be scheduled for recording by the Central Student Registry team in liaison with local departments who will gather required information such as lecturer consent and destination folder etc. 

If you are not sure what has been scheduled on your course, you can check the Panopto folder to see what has been scheduled by ticking Show scheduled recordings when viewing the folder within Panopto. 

3. Personal lecture capture (PLC) 

Use the Panopto desktop recorder on your personal device to create educational videos.


How to use lecture capture

If you're a Moodle coordinator

You need to add the Panopto block to a course which creates a Panopto folder to host recordings. 

If you're teaching staff

You need to:

1. Go to a course with the Panopto block to become an authorised Panopto user. 

2. Then download and install the Panopto recording software to your own Mac or Windows device

3. Create your recordings (for example, video, audio or PowerPoint)

4. Upload your recordings to either your:

  • private 'My Folder' Panopto folder 
  • course's Panopto folder 

Or the recordings may be automatically scheduled for recording if your department is setup for SLC

4. Within a Panopto folder, recordings are reviewed, edited and published for viewing in the Moodle course. You can also do this in your 'My Folder' space, but you will need to move the recordings into a course folder to make it available to others. (share, edit and publish pages)

5. Released content appears in the Moodle course as links within the Panopto block and can also also be embedded within the course.  (share, edit and publish pages)

6. Manage your recordings by creating new folders and moving recordings.

What you will see

The Moodle VLE (virtual learning environment) and the Panopto video platform are two separate systems which are connected when a Panopto block is added to a Moodle course.

Once the block is added by a Moodle Coordinator, the course can be 'provisioned' in Panopto.

This will create a folder in Panopto that is linked to the course and its members in Moodle.  


Course members will only have their access in Panopto activated once they have accessed the course in Moodle. It will not be possible to interact with Panopto, even to view a published video, if a course member has not visited the course since the Panopto block has been added. 

Moodle and Panopto operate in a similar way in that each member has a role which determines their ability to view, create or edit content. 

In Moodle, the roles which can manage content are 'Moodle Coordinator', 'Teacher' and 'Non-enrolling Teacher'. 

When the Panopto block is added, users with these roles in Moodle will be given the 'Creator' and 'Publisher' roles in Panopto.  These roles will allow users to download the Panopto recorder software to their devices, upload recordings to the Panopto cloud, review and edit recordings in Panopto and publish the results for viewing in Panopto and Moodle. 

Those members of a Moodle course with a Panopto block who are not content creators, will have the role of 'Viewer' which will only allow them to view published recordings. 

The relationship between Moodle and Panopto: 

You can see the different roles available in each platform:



Manage Content

Moodle Coordinator


Non-enrolling Teacher



View Content

Non-editing Teacher



Student Observer


Just as in Moodle, the content creator roles in Panopto will be able to view, edit, publish and even delete recordings in the shared course folder. 


Similar to the Private Files area in Moodle, content creators in Panopto have a 'My Folder' area to enable recordings to be uploaded, reviewed and edited in a private space.  Recordings can then be moved from 'My Folder' to any course folder where the user has a Creator role.