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Departments now working with us to switch some extensions to Teams Phone

  • Finance Division
  • Department of Engineering
  • Faculty of Education
  • School of Clinical Medicine's HR department
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Public Health and Primary Care
  • THIS Institute
  • Kavli Institute for Cosmology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Physiology, Development and Neurosciences
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • MRC Epidemiology Unit
  • Department of Archaeology
  • Estates Division
  • Clinical Schools Computing Service
  • Department of Surgery
  • Childcare Office (HR)


Testimonial: HR team at the School of Clinical Medicine

Benefits for the School

"We moved to Teams Telephony in December last year and it’s been a very smooth transition. In fact, it’s working so much better for us. We all work in a hybrid format with 8 hot desks in the office so there was no need for individual handsets, they took up space and were never assigned to the correct person. We now have just 1 handset in the office which is mainly used when Reception need to get hold of us – that works very well and saves a lot of money now only having one. The old handsets were returned to UIS this summer.

Benefits for the HR team members

"Having our extension number through Teams means we have all been able to delete the Jabber app from our personal phones so we no longer need to answer calls on our phones – I personally didn’t like this as it meant I always had to have my phone beside me and I don’t like mixing personal and work life together.

"We now answer phone calls through Teams like with any other video call so it feels no different, and we are more likely to answer the call as we always use Teams. It means that people who don’t use Teams can still call us using their phone and we don’t need to accommodate for them by ringing on our phones – we can simply answer the phone on our laptops! I don’t have anything negative to say, it makes a lot more sense and is hassle-free!"

Team member from the School of Clinical Medicine's HR department 

Testimonial: benefits for Teams Telephony users

"One user who wears a hearing aid is particularly pleased that she can use the captions in Teams for phone calls, which is a benefit I didn’t even realise we would get."

(Respondent wishes to remain anonymous)