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Toolkit gives designated users local administration access to Blue AD, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Exchange Online to create distribution lists, manage groups and shared mailboxes.

You’ll find guidance via the section links below:

Getting started

How to access Toolkit
Select an institution to manage
Navigate between sections
Toolkit messages

Manage groups

View a group
Create, edit or delete a group or distribution list
View a group membership
Add or remove users Export to CSV

Manage mailboxes

Create a shared mailbox
Edit or delete a shared mailbox

Manage users

View a user account
Audit a user account

Manage application registrations

View application registrations
Create, edit or delete an application

Manage group policies

Create or edit a group policy

Manage service accounts

Create a service account

Manage resources

Create a new resource
Set booking permissions for resources
Edit a resource

Administer users

Add, edit or delete a user