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University Information Services

Who can register staff and request account changes 

You need to be registered as a Lookup editor for your local institution to request account changes.  

If you need to access the UIS account requests and changes (Jackdaw) form but see a message saying ‘You are not authorised to use this page’, speak to your local IT team or HR team. They will need to add you as Lookup editor. 

If you have any problems please email 


When to use the UIS account requests and changes form (also called Jackdaw registration form) 

The UIS account requests and changes form is for University and College staff (including Fellows) and registered visitors. It is not for students, who have their own registration scheme.  

You can use this form to tell us about: 

  • new staff or visitors 
  • leavers 
  • movers 
  • extending accounts that have reached their review date 

New staff and visitors 

Colleges and Departments can tell UIS about new staff and visitors who need any of the following: 

  • a CRSid 
  • a University account (formerly Raven) 
  • an email account 

If someone needs a CRSid without a University account or other IT services, you can request this by setting Standing to ‘Other’ on the form.  

CRSids and University accounts are also created when UIS receives a data feed from the University HR system, CHRIS. The CHRIS data feed often comes after the new person has started. You can ensure new starters have their account details on their first day by completing the UIS account changes form in advance. 

If you submit the form but a CHRIS record already exists for the person, a new CRSid is not created.  

If 2 forms are submitted for the same person, perhaps one from a department and one from a College, the first form submission received will be used. 

Leavers and movers 

You can use the UIS account requests and changes form to tell UIS about staff and visitors who are leaving the University. If a member of staff is moving to another division, department or institution within the University, you should still complete this form. 

Extending user accounts 

Visitors and staff employed by Colleges all have review dates on their accounts. They will receive an email saying that their accounts are on a list to be cancelled when they reach that review date. 

If a member of staff has reached their account review date but is staying at the University, you can let us know using this form. 


How to complete the form 

Read our instructions for requesting a new account

Or you can follow our instructions if need to let us know about leaver, mover or account extension


How to access new account details 

You can find new users’ temporary registration code and CRSid under ‘recent registrations’ on the UIS account requests and changes (Jackdaw) form.  

The temporary registration code appears when the account is created or amended. This usually happens overnight and the registration code can be used the next day. 

If you provide a start date the account will only be created a week before this date.