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Publish a video

Approve a video for publication

Availability settings

Organise educational videos into subfolders

Other sharing options

Once you've reviewed and edited your video, you can publish it to Moodle so that the students can access it.

Publishing a video to a Moodle course involves copying, moving, or uploading the video to the Panopto folder for that course. Once added to the course folder, the recording will (subject to the folder's availability settings) be visible to students enrolled on that Moodle that course from Moodle, but not to other Moodle users.

If required, you can unpublish a video so that it is no longer visible to students enrolled in the course. 

A video can only be published to one Moodle course. To publish a video to multiple courses, create a copy of the video in each course folder. 

Publish a video 

To publish a video: 

1. Find the video in Panopto. If you created the video using the Panopto desktop recorder, you can find the video from there. From the Panopto desktop recorder, open the Manage Recordings tab, and next to the video click View. The video is opened in the Panopto video player. 

If you can't easily see the video in the Panopto desktop recorder, click Manage My Recordings. The Panopto web platform opens in your default web browser. Select My Folder, browse the folder structure or search for the video by name as required. 

2. If you have opened the video in the Panopto video player, click the cog icon at the top of the page. Alternatively, from the Panopto folder view, move your mouse over the video and click Settings. The settings for the video are displayed in a new window. 

3. In the Overview section, the folder in which the video is currently stored is displayed. Next to the folder name, click Edit


4. A dropdown list of folders that you have permission to access is displayed. Select the folder of the same name as the Moodle course to which you want to publish the recording. 

5. Click Save. The video is moved to the course folder. The folder's availability settings determine whether the video is immediately visible to students enrolled on the course or not. If the video is moved to a course folder where the availability is set to immediately, the video will be available to students on the associated Moodle course

Approve a video for publication 

If the availability settings for a course folder are set to "When approved by publisher", all users with the publisher or creator role for that folder will receive an automated email from Panopto whenever a video is added to the folder. Click the first link in the email to view the video, or click the second link to open the video settings. In the video settings window, click Approve to make the video visible to students enrolled on the course, or click Reject to prevent the video from being published at this stage. The video will have to be resubmitted for publication before it can be shared.  

Availability settings 

The Moodle coordinator for a course can is able to change the availability settings for all videos added to a course folder. The availability settings only impact students (i.e., users with the viewer role); Moodle coordinators, course managers and teachers can access all videos that have been published to Panopto course folders for their Moodle courses, regardless of these settings. 

To check the availability settings for a course folder: 

1. Open the settings page for the Panopto course folder. From the Panopto interface, locate the folder and click the cog icon. Alternatively, from the Moodle course page, locate the Panopto block and click Course Settings. 

2. On the left-hand side of the settings window, select Settings

3. Under Availability, ensure the appropriate option is selected: 

  • Select When approved by publisher to make the video available only to users with the publisher or creator role until it has been approved by one of those users. (Usually, a Moodle coordinator or course manager will have the publisher or creator role.) Once the video has been approved, it will be available to students enrolled on the Moodle course. 
  • Select Immediately to make any video in the course folder available to students without requiring an approval step. 
  • Select Never (unless set on session) to make all videos in the folder unavailable by default. Individual videos can be made available by editing the individual video settings. This approach is much more labour-intensive than setting the availability at the folder level. 
  • Select Starting on and select a date and time to make all videos in the folder available from a particular date. 

You can also specify how long videos will remain available to students. Under Sessions remain available

  • Select Forever to make the videos available to students until the Moodle course is archived at the end of the academic year. When the Moodle course is archived, the videos will no longer be available to students via the Moodle Course History. If you require access to a video from a course that has been archived, contact your Moodle coordinator in the first instance. 
  • Select Until and select a date and time to prevent students from having access to any of the videos in the folder from that point onwards. 

Organise educational videos into subfolders 

It is possible to create subfolders within a course folder in Panopto. While this may seem like an effective good way to organise videos for a particular course, students accessing the course from Moodle will only see videos in the course parent folder in the Panopto block. Any videos in the course sub-folders are not displayed in the Panopto block, and must be accessed by following a link to a video in the parent folder, and navigating from there to the course folder in Panopto. Alternatively, you can create a video playlist for videos stored in subfolders (or the parent folder), and embed that playlist in your Moodle course. More information about creating a playlist will be added soon. 

Other sharing options

Both course folders and individual videos in Panopto include "Share" settings. These settings are separate from the option to publish a recording to a Moodle course described above. Publishing a recording to a Moodle course controls who has access to view, edit and manage a video, based on the course enrolment and permission settings. You do not need to modify the "Share" settings to achieve this.