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Raven login required to watch the video. If you have problems, you can view this video on the SMS:

  1. Log in to the University Card Management System.
  2. Open the Cardholder's record (instructions).
  3. Click Create Card Request button.
  4. Click Accept in the pop-up dialog box.
  5. A pending Card request is created.
  6. The Workflow State will be updated to either 'Ready for Printing' or 'Photo required'.
    The request can't be actioned until a photo has been uploaded and approved by the Card Office.


  • Uploading photos: You can upload the photo, if necessary, either before or after creating your request. The Card Office will usually review photos by the next working day – faster if it's not the start of term.
  • Delivery address: you can't edit the Delivery Address at time of the new system launch, but it will be possible in future.
    Cards are delivered to the institutional address listed in Lookup. If there is more than one address, we use the first one in the list.
    You may want to check your institutions' Lookup entry.
  • Timing of IT account creation (and CRSid allocation) for new joiners: someone at your institution will do a pre-registration ('pre-reg') request for a Raven account*. The account is usually created overnight. UIS User Admin informs requesters when the new joiner can access their IT accounts, so we suggest you keep in contact with your local administrator to be informed about new starters. New IT accounts are usually ready 2 days after the date the pre-reg form was submitted. If the new joiner's Lookup profile has been published, it signifies that their IT accounts are ready and you can create a Card request for them. 


* In future, local administrators will be able to use the pre-reg form to request CRSid-only accounts for staff that do not need a Raven login or University email account, but this is not available at launch (15 September 2022).