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Agent Update

If you are having problems with updating and have an old version of ENS installed, please either install the latest version (available here: Antivirus software: Windows | IT Help and Support ( or install a newer agent (available here: Agent 5.7.8 ). Do not use if you don't have Trellix (or McAfee) Endpoint Security installed.

Certificate Update

Some machines may not have the correct certificates needed to install the newer Trellix updates.

To install the correct certificates, download this text file and rename it to 2022_Certificates.bat (removing the .txt file extension) then double click it to run the batch file, installig the required certificates (if they are missing)

Certificate file

Update error repair tool

Update error repair tool

A change made on McAfee's license servers on August 27, 2021, resulted in the McAfee Agent on some client systems getting an incorrect status. The incorrect status causes their update task to fail when updating from McAfee Enterprise managed repositories. 

Agents not managed by any ePO solution need to be manually remediated by uninstalling and reinstalling the agent. A tool to do this is provided in the link above.

Download the zip file, then extract and run the required 64bit(x64) or 32bit(x86) tool.