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What it is


The Granta Backbone Network (GBN) is the collegiate University’s privately owned fibre network. It consists of a series of underground ducts, mounted cable tray and single mode fibre cables, which is used to distribute the numerous University and College IT networks around the city. The first phase of the network was finished in 1992 and measured around 35km, but today measures close to 85km.

Where it goes


Who we are

Richard Davies Granta Backbone Network Consultant
Rob Howard Granta Backbone Network Consultant
Clare Biggs Granta Backbone Network Specialist
Hannah Kania-Haughton Granta Backbone Network Specialist

How to contact us

For further details or to enquire about extending the GBN to other sites:

Tel: (01223 7) 61194

Last updated: 20th September 2022