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Get your University account (formerly called Raven) and then check your email for any pre-arrival messages from your College or Department. 

1. Complete your student registration

During September (earlier for postgraduate students) you'll get a welcome email from the Student Registry (, inviting you to complete your student registration. 

  1. Go to the registration website and select 'Create New Account' and complete your details.
  2. You will be emailed a password
  3. Return to the registration website, use your password and complete your student registration 

Contact the Student Registry, if you don't receive your welcome email by mid-September (it will be sent to the email address you gave when you applied to Cambridge), or if you have any questions about student registration. 

You need to complete your student registration before the start of Michaelmas term. 


2. Get your Cambridge user id (CRSid) and temporary University account password (formerly Raven)

At the end of the student registration, you will be given a link to collect your Cambridge user id (CRSid) and your temporary University account password. 

You'll use your CRSid and University account password to log in to many University systems, including your email and your University of Cambridge Microsoft account. 

Get your Cambridge user id (CRSid) and temporary University account password 


3. Change your temporary University account password

Create a new University account password now using your CRSid and temporary password to log in. You should also set up your self-service password recovery while you're there. This allows you to reset your password if you forget it.

If you forget your temporary password, go to to find it again.  

Create a new University account password 


4. Set up your multi-factor authentication

You will need to set up your second factor for authentication before you can access your email account and other Microsoft 365 software. Make sure you set up more than one on different devices to ensure you never lose access to your account. For example, the Microsoft Authenticator desktop app and codes sent via text to your mobile.  


5. Get your @cam email address 

After your University account is created you can access your @cam email address.  


Get help 

Contact the UIS Service Desk team: