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What is a wireless survey?

A wireless survey is an investigative service carried out by University Information Services to optimise the performance of an institution’s wireless network deployment. It provides an assessment of existing wireless signal propagation and helps identify areas for signal coverage improvement, or possible signal interference issues. It is also important to carry out a survey before installing access points in new areas that do not have existing coverage. This helps to ensure maximum signal propagation.


Benefits of a survey

A survey will help identify weak areas in a current deployment and enable efficient expansion into areas with no current wireless provision. It allows institutions to determine where to place new access point infrastructure. This removes the hassle of ‘trial and error’ positioning. A survey analysis can also help with tracing faults in your current deployment.


How we carry out surveys

We use 3 methods of surveying a given area. The method we use will largely depend on what network infrastructure is currently in place.

  • We can carry out an investigation using the existing access point deployment. This is suitable for repositioning existing access points or extending coverage into areas with weak or no signal. 
  • We can carry out a survey using full survey equipment. This is appropriate for surveying new sites or areas with no current wireless coverage. This can cover part or all of a site as needed.
  • We can carry out predictive, software-based, surveying can be carried out as a preliminary indication of access point location. This is particularly relevant for new building projects in the planning phase. However, these indicative results should later be validated with a full site survey.

We will set up a meeting to discuss your requirements and review the building layout. Will will then carry out a walkthrough survey with our measuring equipment. Following this, we interpret the results and collate detailed reports which we forward to you. We are also happy to discuss the results in follow-up meetings. We can also advise on the range of different APs available, in order to determine the best AP to use in a given area.

Access points can then be installed or moved as needed, and further survey work carried out if required.


Survey costs and timescales

There is no fee for the initial consultation. Prices for a full or predictive survey are on application, inclusive of the production of site maps and reports.  On average a site survey takes several days, with considerable variation depending on the site. Modern open-plan areas are typically much quicker than older, complicated buildings.

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Last updated: April 2023