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  1. Once logged into the display admin portal, locate the rooms required by either scrolling down the list of available rooms (image 1, directly below) or by selecting the Search icon and entering room name (image 2).



  2.  Select the required room (a purple box then highlights the chosen room)


  3. Next select the right arrow in the purple circle to continue


  4. Under Display Type select Room Tablet


  5. A list of administration options will be displayed, these can be changed but the team recommend leaving as default. Select the right arrow in the purple circle to continue

    The Interactive display will now be set up. Allowing users to book the room for either now or a later time. In additions user have the functionality to see the rooms schedule (by selecting the Schedule tab on at the bottom of the screen), obtaining further information on the room (by selecting Info) or registering an issue with the room (by selecting Report Problem), which on reporting an email will be sent to department managers advising.