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Why we need to reduce our content

The University has too many websites. Many sites contain lots of:

  • duplicated
  • outdated
  • non-compliant
  • unvisited content

This creates an inconsistent and confusing experience for our users.

We want it to be easy for people to find what they're looking for. Content also needs to be easily understood and actionable. 

What we're doing

The University has invested in a Content rationalisation project which will run up until July 2025. This is when we'll be moving to Drupal 10.

We want to remove unnecessary content and optimise important content. The ambition is to reduce the number of pages on by approximately 50%. 

With your help and support we aim to:

  • embed content standards to improve readability and content quality
  • improve accessibility so that our websites work for everyone
  • improve search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure everyone can find our content easily
  • make the web estate easier to maintain
  • align our online and offline reputation
  • improve data analytics and analysis to inform decision-making

Actions for you

Content editors and website owners around the University should sign up for the Optimise your content course.

This is a 6 session course run by the University's Content Community. It will help you improve your website content before it's moved to the new Drupal 10 platform.