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When to use cam-only documents

If the document contains information that should not be shared outside of the University, you can restrict to users with a University account (formerly Raven).

Your document will not be indexed by Google or the University website search so users cannot search for it. 


When to avoid using cam-only documents

If your document should be restricted to a smaller group of people, you should use SharePoint instead. You can be more granular with the permission settings.


How to add a cam-only document

Hover over 'Content' then 'Add Content'. Choose 'Download'.



Add a Title and change the Access Control to Cam-only. 

Upload the document in the File section underneath.



Select 'Save'.

Your file has been saved in the directory:  /system/files/

Navigate to the page where you want to insert the link. Create the link in a standard way. Leave the 'Link Type' as Internal path. The path of the document is /system/files/ followed by the file name and file extension, for example:


Select 'OK' and then save the page.


Deleting a document

If you want to delete a cam-only document, select the 'Content tab' and find the file in the list. Select 'delete' to remove it.

Get help

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