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Join a Zoom meeting

The meeting host or an in-room participant must have a Zoom Conference Room Connector (CRC) licence to connect via the Room Kit.

University-managed Zoom CRC licences

The University has a Zoom account, managed by UIS, that has CRC licenses. If you hold a small Zoom account and would like to become part of the University account, please contact the Telecoms Helpdesk at

  1. Tap the control panel to wake it if needed, then tap Join Zoom:


  2. Enter the Meeting ID and passcode (if you have one).
  3. If you’re the meeting host, tap Host.

    You will need your Host Key, found on your Zoom account settings page.

    You may prefer to connect the Room Kit as a normal participant, then personally connect as Host on your laptop so you can use all Zoom’s features.

  4. Tap Connect to Zoom.

    If the meeting host has a CRC licence for their Zoom account, the Room Kit will now connect.

    You may get an alert asking for a Conference Room Connector (CRC) Licence if you are joining a meeting hosted by someone who doesn’t have one. The big Room Kit screen will display a pairing code and a participant in the room with a CRC licence will need to pair the Room Kit. 


Pair the Room Kit with a Zoom account that has a CRC licence

  1. The big Room Kit screen will display this message and give you a unique pairing code, for example:


  2. Using a personal device, go to:
  3. Enter the Meeting ID, pairing code and meeting passcode (if you have one) then tap Connect:


Use Zoom meeting features

  1. On the control panel, tap More:


  2. Tap then Zoom Tools:


General tab

Under the General tab, you can:

  • Raise/Lower hand
  • Toggle Chat
  • Toggle Captions
  • Un-mute Zoom mic
  • Show participants
  • Show meeting info
  • Enter Waiting Room

Video tab

Under the Video tab, you can:

  • Change video layout
  • Change Gallery screen
  • Show/Hide names on video
  • Show/Hide active content on video
  • Show/Hide non-video participants
  • Enable dual screen mode


End the meeting

  1. Tap the red End Call button on the control panel:

The Room Kit will switch off automatically after the meeting.


Stop audio feedback from in-room personal devices

Everyone in the room using a personal device must mute both their microphone and speakers – the Room Kit manages the audio for the whole room.