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Here are details about online payments, user print/copy/scan charges, and the nature of the service provided by DS-Print and its scope.

Purpose and scope of online payments

1. The Managed Print Portal (you must be connected to the University Data Network, or on the VPN) is available for adding DS-Print credit by debit or credit card. DS-Print credit can only be used to pay for printing, copying or scanning to printers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices) within the DS-Print Common Balance scheme. 

2. The DS-Print service is available to Members of the University and University Library Readers.

3. DS-Print runs as an unattended service with consequent limitations - see 'Nature of the service' below. 

4. Payments made for DS-Print credit are not refundable. 

5. Payments for print credit are subject to the University's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

6. AMEX cards are not accepted.   


Payments for DS-Print credit is subject to a minimum payment of £1.00 and a maximum payment of £10.00 in any one transaction, and each payment will consist of a whole number of pounds. Transactions are in UK pounds Sterling only.   

Print/copy charges

Page charges for each printer/copier within the scheme are set by the owning institution – details of page charges for all Common Balance DS-print printers and copiers can be found by logging into the Managed Print Portal (you must be connected to the University Data Network, or on the VPN).

Most printers and copiers can print in duplex mode (two-sided). The user is responsible for ensuring that the correct printer driver settings or configurations are set for the intended form of output, including duplex or colour setting. NOTE: for some printers/copiers, output is charged per sheet of paper used, independent of whether it is printed on both sides (duplex) or not. For some printing/copying the charge is per side of paper printed.

Nature of the service

The DS-Print printing service is a DIY facility, meaning that print/copy/scan run as an unattended service. Consequently, each user, is responsible for ensuring that a printer is operational before attempting to print to it, including the supply of paper in the printer. Similarly, each user, takes reasonable responsibility for ensuing the MFD is correctly operating before use.

No refunds are given on account of, for example, poor quality or loss of output due to paper jams or absence of paper, or because printer output has been taken. Page charges are set with this standard of service in mind. 

To avoid operational problems, we recommend splitting print jobs so that no more than 50 pages are printed in any one job. 

All of the DS-Print printers/MFDs which fall within the scope of on-line payment are owned and run by institutions not the UIS and therefore are subject also to the operations conditions of the owning institution.

Get help

On the first instance please report any problems to your local IT support, for Common Balance enquires please contact the UIS Service Desk.