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The information in an email's header is invaluable when trying to investigate phishing and malware scams, so it is important that you include all this information when you report suspicious emails to the UIS Service Desk.

To forward an email including the full internet headers...

  1. Select the message you want to forward.
  2. Click the Attachment button. This will create a new message with the original one included as an attachment:

    Outlook 2016 FAA

  3. Forward the email to the .


Viewing the full internet header information


  1. Select a message, either from the message list view, in the preview, or by opening it:

    Outlook 2016 Win 01

  2. Right click to open the pop-up menu, and select View Source:

     Outlook 2016 Mac 01a

  3. The header information will open in a new window, from which you can Copy it:

    Outlook 2016 Mac 02