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The University's centrally-managed email service runs on Microsoft Exchange Online. It includes email, calendars and contacts and is integrated with Office 365. Some students and staff may also be provided with an email service specific to their institution.


How to get your @cam email account


You'll get a Microsoft Exchange Online email account once you've completed your student registration, collected your username (CRSid) and set up your University account password (formerly Raven).

Website Getting started


Speak to your local IT support staff about how to get your @cam email account.

How to access your emails

Webmail (Outlook Web App)

You can log in to the Outlook Web App with your [CRSid] email address and University account password (formerly Raven):

Website Outlook Web App

Outlook email app

You can also set up the Outlook app on desktop and mobile devices. 

Other email apps

If you prefer another email app, you can use the generic settings to configure your email client. We also have some tips on how to set set up Thunderbird for Exchange Online.

When you sign in to your Microsoft Exchange Online account for the first time, you will need to set up your second factor for authentication.


Last updated: 27 October 2022