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You can view a room's calendar and booking availability using the interactive touch panel room displays. The room displays are outside department rooms.

You can also book, extend or cancel a room booking using the panel (you don't need to use an internet enabled device).

Get your user display panel PIN

Booker touch panel displays authenticates you with your pre-assigned Booker PIN. You will be required to enter this PIN to book, extend or cancel a room booking at the display. 

To get your PIN, you need to:

  1. Login to Booker
  2. Navigate and select the profile icon found in the top right of the screen


  3. Select Manage Account from the new extended window


  4. Select PIN from the right hand menu
  5. The PIN is now displayed under the PIN Field 

View a room schedule

On the display screen, simply select Schedule


Make a Booking:  

  1. Depending on the requested time either select Book Now (for immediate bookings) or Book Later (for bookings in the future)


  2. Enter the requestor pin number and select Confirm
  3. For Book Now bookings, select a finishing time from the list (the booking will start immediately and end at the selected time)


  4. For Book Later bookings, first select a start time then select Next.  

    Now select a preferred time to finish the booking.

    To confirm booking, select Make Booking

Extend a booking

In the likelihood of a meeting running over time, you can return back to the tablet and extend the meetings end time, as long as the room is available with no pre-scheduled bookings.

  1.  At the display select Extend Booking

  2. Enter your Booker pin number and select Confirm


  3. Select the required time and select Confirm

    The room booking will now be extended to chosen time.

 Cancel a current booking

  1. At the display select End Booking

  2. Enter your Booker pin number and select Confirm
  3. Select Confirm to end the booking