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Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that allows you to store and organise your notes, research, and plans online and access them from any device.


OneNote IconWhat is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to create and sync content across devices. It's part of the Microsoft 365 for Education service.




What are the benefits?

  • Organise notes in pages, sections, and notebooks
  • Tags can be used to categorise and prioritise notes
  • Record audio and video files directly into your notes
  • Access from mobile devices and share with others

How do I access it?

You can access OneNote via the following mechanisms:

  • Log in via a web browser using your University School or Work Account - OneNote
  • Desktop Client - OneNote is available as part of the Office 365 installation for Windows and Macintosh desktop clients.
  • Available as an app for mobile iOS and android devices (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • Available as a Windows 10 app via Microsoft Store

NB: OneNote for Windows 10 is different from the OneNote app which is included with Office 365 ProPlus. The Office365 ProPlus version has more customisation options than OneNote for Windows 10, and is the only version that supports local notebook storage on your PC hard drive.

Microsoft Support page on the differences between versions of OneNote


How do I get help?

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