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Panopto has tools to help support active learning techniques.

Online videos may not be engaging, the student can feel disconnected and not fully engaged with the content. With a little thought and planning and understanding the tools available and how to use them, online educational videos can be made to be much more engaging, and can help promote active learning where students are encouraged to do something to help develop their skills rather than passively receive information.


Quizzes and polls within your videos

Quizzes can be used for learning checks or prompts or they can be created without correct answers and used as a poll to gather responses. You can add multiple quizzes at any point during the video, restrict viewing of the rest of the video depending on completion of the quiz and allow or restrict users to retake. All responses are logged for the lecturer to review within Panopto.

There are four types of questions in the Panopto quiz tools which can be added when editing the video;

Multiple Choice
Multiple Select
Fill in the blanks

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Adding a quiz to your Panopto video

Panopto discussion tool to facilitate active learning and two way communication

This is a powerful feature and has many uses such as peer to peer support, providing feedback or as an active learning tool where the lecturer can pose and respond to questions. A viewer can delete their own posts on the discussion board and the owner/lecturer has the ability to disable or moderate the discussion as they wish. Discussions in Panopto are not private and are visible to all other viewers of the video clip. They are not timestamped in synchronisation with the video as with notes and bookmarks but instead sit alongside the entirety of the video. Like any discussion board a viewer can add a comment and others can reply to that comment to create a thread. 

Discussions can be used alongside live streaming/webcast videos enabling viewers the opportunity to interact with the live event as they might in a face to face situation rather than passively receive information without the ability to comment or ask questions.

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Using the discussion forum with your Panopto Video

Personal notes synchronised with video clips

Students and educators have the ability to add notes that are time-stamped and synchronised with the video clip so that they can easily access those notes and corresponding sections of video for future reference. They are able to share their notes with anyone else who has access to view the video. The owner of the video has the ability to disable this if they wish. In addition students can create and participate in collaborative 'channels' where they can work together to produce notes as a group.

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Using Panopto notes with Videos

Bookmarking tool to identify key points in the video for future reference

Similarly to using notes, the Bookmarking tool allows viewers to add a comment that is timestamped alongside the video clip to allow them to access sections of the video quickly for future reference. Unlike notes, this is a private feature and does not have the collaborative element of creating channels or sharing with peers.

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Bookmarking Videos in Panopto