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TechLink Community Talks and Seminars

See also Technical Training for IT Support Staff


University Information Services (UIS) organises seminars and workshops exclusively for the IT community. These events cover IT topics to support you in your role and provide the opportunity to network with IT professionals across the University, Colleges and affiliated institutions.

A brief email invitation about new seminars will be sent to and mailing list. 

Topics: Feel free to email suggestions for topics you think would be valuable to .

Workshops and seminars 2019 

Date Topic Presenter(s)


Info & booking link

30 January

The Digital Architecture of Future Cities

Ian Lewis

Computer Lab LT1



Wednesday 27 February

So Long and thanks for all the Phish: Dealing with email security

Kate Jeary from CERT and Joe Irvin from UIS Service Desk

Faculty of Law LG17



Fri 29


IT Forum: Infrastructure update, Dell and more

Ronald Haynes, Steve Hoensch, Abraham Martin

Roger Needham Building

Norwich Auditorium



Thurs 4


introducing a new release MATLAB Parallel Server

Jos Martin from MATLAB & Russell Thompson from MRC

Judge Business School LT4


Wed 1 May

Introducing a Research Cloud Computing Platform 

Wojciech Turek, UIS RCS

Roger Needham Building 

Norwich Auditorium


Wed 29 May

Tableau and how it can help you

 Constanza Arias-Aldana, Academic and Financial Planning 

Roger Needham Building

Norwich Auditorium


Wed 24 July


IT Forum: Accessibility, IT portfolios, Communities of Practice 

Ian Cooper, Mark Rowland, James Honnor, Rich Wareham Ronald Haynes

Roger Needham


Norwich Auditorium



IT Portfolios /Accessibility

Wed 23 


Research Computing Services, Community Update

Stuart Rankin,  Matt Raso-Barnett,  Paul Browne,  M.C. Sharpley,  Ronald Haynes

Roger Needham Building

Download slides:


Fri 22


IT induction for new IT staff

Ronald Haynes, Richard Hey, and UIS colleagues

Roger Needham Building

Norwich Auditorium

Book via UTBS

Wed 20


The Year Ahead and IT Forum 

Prof. Ian Leslie,  Vijay Samtani,  Neil King, Jon Holgate

Roger Needham Building

Norwich Auditorium


Download slides


Past workshops and seminars 2018

  • 14 December: Using Technology to Unlock History. Advances in 2D/3D imaging. H. Jones,  Andy Corrigan, University Library
  • 28 November: IT Forum An update on UIS projects and services, case studies from the IT Community and an intro to Amazon Web Services and Pheonix. View the recording on the SMS.
  • 28 November: IT Induction: for new IT staff, IT Community Managers Ronald Haynes and Richard Hey.
  • 17 October: The year ahead: UIS update to the IT Community. Ian Leslie, UIS Director. View the recording on the SMS.  Download PDF.
  • 25 July: Managing Apple Devices in 2018: Where we're going, we need no Apple IDs, James Nairn, UIS, Apple support. Video presentation on the SMS.
  • 18 July: LinkedIn Learning Launch for the IT Community, Richard Hey, Head of UIS Institutional Services. Rinku Raina, Career Development Adviser, Monica Gonzalez, Training Services Manager. Video presentation on the SMS.
  • 27 June: Threat Protection & Prevention Service: using McAfee, Chris Quy, Endpoint Protection Manager.
  • 9 May: Service Status System: expansion and benefits, Jon Holgate and Nigel Thornton. Video presentation on SMS

  • 21 March: Making IT Agile: Control v Collaboration, Dr Sibel Allinson, Simon Redhead, Dr Nick Mattin - slides - (Cam only / PDF)
  • 28 February: WiFi and Beyond: Wireless Systems Update, Alexander Cox, Service Manager University Wireless Infrastructure PDF
  • 14 February 2018: Update on the implications of GDPR within UIS: Madeleine Taylor, UIS Information Compliance Officer Video presentation on SMS
  • 7 February 2018:

    PoP update, what you need to know!: Bob Franklin, UIS Networks presentation

Past workshops and seminars 2016- 2017