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How much does Microsoft Teams Telephony cost?

Microsoft Teams Telephony can replace your traditional University telephone desk phone service if your institution is part of the University Microsoft tenancy.

  • Your institution will be charged the same £5 per month line rental fee for your number via the institutional telecoms bill from UIS. 
  • Calls to UK landlines and mobiles are free.
  • International calls are incoming only.


Delegated administration

We can't offer delegated administration of phone services on Teams to local institutions' phone representatives or IT staff yet. This is on the roadmap for the Blue Toolkit and will be possible in future.



  • Teams can't support multiple lines.
  • Pickup groups can't include a combination of users on the University's traditional Cisco-based desk phone service (CallManager) and the Teams phone service. All members of a pickup group need to be on the same system.
  • Call Groups on Teams only support one level of agent (CallManager supports 3).
  • Phone numbers can't be on both a CallManager handset and in Teams.
  • We don't support toll-free dial-in numbers for audio conferencing.
  • You must not rely on Teams phone service for emergency or '999' calls. The geolocation associated with your University phone number may not match your physical location, which could delay the emergency services' response to your call. For 999 calls, you should always seek out a landline or a use a mobile phone.


Audio conferencing

If you have a Teams Telephony licence, any Teams meetings you create will have the ability for participants to join via PSTN phone calls. We don't support toll-free dial-in numbers.


How can your users switch to Teams Telephony?

If your institution is part of the University's Microsoft tenancy (which most departments and some Colleges are), your staff can migrate their phone number to Teams Telephony if they have an extension number on the University's Cisco telephone system.

  1. They should contact their Telecoms Liaison Officer (TLO) to request migration of their phone number to Teams Telephony.
  2. The TLO should then contact the UIS Telecoms team, providing the CRSid and extension number of the people to move. For groups of people, please provide a spreadsheet with the CRSid and extension number for each person.

The transfer typically takes a day. We'll let you know if we think it will take longer.


Physical handsets

  • People can't use their Cisco CallManager desk phones with Teams.
  • Teams Telephony does support hardware handsets – we'll be announcing the supported solution for users needing physical phones in the near future.

Return the old Cisco CallManager phones to UIS for recycling

If you switch to Teams Telephony, please send your old Cisco desk phone handset back to UIS so we can recycle it after the transfer.


Learning and support resources

Help and learning articles on using Teams telephony for phone calls are available from the Microsoft Teams Help and Learning Center.

For University-specific information, see also:


Comms kit

Download our comms kit to help you communicate the benefits of switching to your users. It includes posters, digital signage, web and social media graphics:


Contact for TLOs

Please email the UIS Telecoms team if you have any questions.