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  1. Cardholder informs Card Rep they need a new Card.
  2. Card Rep checks existing photo and future eligibility 
  3. Card Rep uploads new photo, if needed (if over 10 years old and/or doesn't meet new photo policy)
  4. If there's a new photo, the Card Office reviews it.
    If the new photo is rejected, the Card Rep will be notified by email.
  5. Card Rep creates a new Card request.
  6. Card Rep revokes old Card (if still valid).
  7. Card Rep shreds old Card.
  8. [Optional] Card Rep issues a Temporary Card to allow access until new Card is delivered.
  9. When the photo is approved, the Card request is flagged as 'Ready for printing' in the system.
  10. [Next day] The Card is printed and put in the UMS (University Messenger Service).
  11. [Next day] The UMS delivers the Card to the institution's default afddress (that is, the first address listed the institution's Lookup profile)
  12. Cardholder returns Temporary Card (if issued) to Card Rep.