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Microsoft Stream is a secure video hosting and sharing service that you can use to share videos within the University.

StreamWhat is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a secure video management and sharing service. It enables you to create and securely share your video content within the University environment. It is part of the M365 for Education (EES) agreement that University has with Microsoft.



What are the benefits?

  • You can upload, view and share your video recordings securely within staff and students within the University.
  • You can choose who is able to see the video content and how widely you wish to share it.
  • Your video content can be categorised into channels and groups so its easier to find.
  • You can view your video content across multiple devices.


How do I access it?

You can access Microsoft Stream via the following mechanisms


'Microsoft Stream (Classic)' is slowly being transitioned to 'Stream (on SharePoint)' with videos now being saved to SharePoint by default. This Microsoft support site details the features that differ between the two.


How do I get help?

Microsoft support pages: