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Service Accounts are user accounts that exist within your institution’s 'Accounts' Organisational Unit.

Click on 'Service Accounts' in the left-hand menu then select 'Add' to create a service account. There are three different types of account that can be created:

  1. admin account
  2. service account
  3. visitor account

A ‘service account’ is named ‘< institution><something>’ whereas an ‘admin account’ is named ’<something>admin’. Other than the naming scheme there are technically no differences between the two when created.

We would recommend to use 'admin account'  if you need Active Directory credentials for institutional servers hosted in Blue.

Use 'service account' for accounts that require a license for a Microsoft 365 service. Please note the following restrictions for these accounts:

  • Only one service account per institution
  • Not to be used for Microsoft Teams
  • The owner of the account is held responsible for any data breaches that may occur as a result of the use of the service account.
  • Licenses have to be requested to UIS, only the following A1 licenses can be applied:  Exchange Online, Forms, PowerAutomate, SharePoint

Visitor accounts are for special use only. They should not be used in place of a standard CRSID-based account and will expire after 90 days (this limit cannot be altered). In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled and no licenses will be assigned to these accounts.

If you have any shared mailboxes that you have requested login access for they will also appear in the list so that you can set the password.