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IT Help and Support

University Information Services

The UMD supports different file storage options. You should use the option that is available to you, and best suits your needs. If you need clarification ask your local IT support team.


If you are eligible for a University Microsoft account, you will be able to use Microsoft's cloud-based file hosting service OneDrive.


The OneDrive desktop application is preinstalled on all Windows UMD devices. To access it sign-in to your device with your and Raven password. 


To start using using OneDrive you will first need to install it using the Self Service app. Once installed you can sign-in using your and Raven password.  


Microsoft SharePoint Online is normally accessed with a web browser. If you have OneDrive installed, you can also synchronise SharePoint Online content to your device so it is available when you are not online.


Follow Microsoft's instructions for Windows to synchronise your SharePoint content to OneDrive.


Follow Microsoft instructions for macOS to synchronise your Sharepoint content to OneDrive.

Mapped drives

Some institutions use the Institutional File Store (IFS). This a University-run service for institutions to store and share everyday documents with colleagues. If you are unsure if your institution uses the IFS check with your local IT support team.


To access your IFS folders that are mapped to the Z:\ drive. Click on This PC and go to File Explorer.


To access your IFS folders go to Finder, then the Go menu, then Connect to Server and enter the appropriate URL for your institution (you will need to get this URL from local IT support team).

Access mapped drives when away from the University

To access your files on the IFS when you're away from the University network (CUDN), or eduroam, you need to be on one of the University of Cambridge VPNs.