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There are 2 ways to unpublish web pages. 

Using the edit screen to unpublish pages

Go to the web page and select the 'Edit' tab.

Select the 'Publishing options' tab in the left-hand side navigation.

Untick the checkbox 'Published'. Select 'save'.



To publish the page again, go to the 'Content' tab.

Search by title or filter the results to show only unpublished content.



Using the content tab to publish and unpublish pages

You can also publish and unpublish pages directly from the content tab. 

Find the relevant page using the search fields. Select that page using the tickbox next to the page title.

Select the 'Operations' dropdown to expand the menu.

Select 'Unpublish' or 'Publish' then select 'Execute'.


Get help

If you need help with your Drupal website, please contact the Drupal team via

Content editors and website owners around the University should sign up for the Optimise your content course. This is a 6 session course run by the University's Content Community. It will help you improve your website content before it's moved to the new Drupal 10 platform.