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What is delegated access 

This allows you to manage your devices without having to contact UIS Service Desk.

It enables you to:

  • see your institutions’ UMD devices
  • check your device’s compliance 
  • check software installations  
  • re-image devices 
  • mange reporting 
  • use Microsoft Remote Help 
  • manage administrative rights on your institutions’ UMD devices
  • manage software and policies for just your institution 


How to get it 

Please contact with a list of:

  • service tags (not asset tags) of all your UMD devices 
  • CRSids of users who required delegated access to Windows UMD devices


How to use it 

After receiving your service tags and CRSids, UIS will organise training for you and your team. This will be a 30-minute interactive session. 


Get help  

If you have any queries contact the UIS service desk.