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The following is the per section, per field help available on the form, plus some additional details.

1) Details of requester

This section provides details of the person making the request and their institution so that they can be contacted, their Relationship Manager can be determined, and if appropriate an institutional sub-domain can be identified.

School/College: (drop-down list)
If more than one, please select lead institution.
Other - please specify: (if not on drop-down list)

Requesting institution(s):
Name of Department, College, Official University Institute, SRNs, SRIs etc. managing the request. This will normally be an existing institution, but if there is none, use

Current institution(s) sub-domains:
Normally consult your Computer Officer and/or other guidance to identify relevant existing subdomains (e.g. for the requesting or related institution). If requesting a domain name within (check the guidelines above to ensure that this is appropriate) or, if the previous answer is, enter 'Not applicable'.

Requester name: (autofilled)
First name and Surname

Requester CRSid: (autofilled)
e.g. as used for Raven

Requester email address: (autofilled)
If different from

2) Details of domain name requested

This section asks for details of the domain name being requested and what it is to be used for.

Domain name requested:
Consult your Computer Officer and/or other guidance for naming clashes, options, requirements for support for proposed names (e.g. - unique NEWNAME, SUBDOMAIN from institution, group etc.) Please see our guidelines for requesting domain names within

Requested for: (Website; Mail domain; Website and Mail domain; Other)
Consult your Computer Officer and/or other guidance for website, managed mail domain, other (e.g. other mail, collaboration systems). Please see our guidelines for requesting domain names within
If 'Other' Please Specify.

Level of domain: (Within institution; Within Special Domain, e.g.; Top level domain under; Other)
Please see guidelines for requesting domain names within
If 'Other' Please Specify.

Brief summary of planned use:
e.g. new institution, strategic research group, move/expansion/renaming

3) Person providing official support for this request

This section asks for details of the person with appropriate authority who is providing official support for the request. We may for example need to check details of their support with them.

Role of person supporting request:
The request must be supported by someone with appropriate authority for the level of domain, e.g.: Head of Institution or CO administering an institutional domain for a sub-domain of this; an academic or academically-related member of staff for etc; VC, a PVC, or the Registrary for a top-level @cam. Please see our guidelines for requesting domain names within

Name of person supporting request:

Email address of person supporting request:

Their email address in case we need to contact them. This can either be a personal email, e.g., or a role address, e.g.

4) Contacts

This section asks for information about who will run the domain (both contacts must be provided and will default to the requester) and how urgently it is needed (we will do our best, but the date given cannot be guaranteed).

Admin contact(s) and CRSid(s): (autofilled to include the requester)
Minimum of 1 reachable member of staff

Technical contact(s) and CRSid(s): (autofilled to include the requester)
Minimum of 1 reachable member of staff

Planned launch date:
To give an indication of the urgency. We cannot promise to meet very tight timescales.

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Exchange Online first contact safety tip enabled

18 November 2022

We enabled a feature in Exchange Online on 11 November to help prevent phishing attacks. A ‘first contact’ safety tip is displayed when you receive an email from someone you don’t usually receive messages from. The tip displays the sender's full email address for a visual verification and a ‘Learn why’ link to a ‘protect...

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