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Panopto Capture is a browser-based video capture solution that serves as an alternative to Panopto Desktop Recorder

Panopto Capture is used directly within the browser on any device with a supported web browser and hardware capable of recording audio and video and screen capture. You do not need to download any software. Once recorded it will be uploaded to the selected Panopto folder where the recording is managed the same way as any other Panopto recording.  

Panopto Capture is particularly useful for those experiencing difficulties with the desktop recorder software on Mac. However, it is recommended to use the Panopto Desktop Recorder whenever possible as it is more fully featured and established. 

What you will need
How to find Panopto Capture
How to record using Panopto Capture

What you will need 

You will need:

  • the latest version of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), or Firefox browsers on Windows 10, MacOS 10.15 or higher, or the latest Chrome OS. It is also in Beta for Chrome and Firefox on Android 9 or higher
  • creator access or greater on Panopto
  • a fast and secure internet connection
  • your browser to have access to your microphone, camera, and screen for capture. Your anti-virus must not block access

Read Panopto's guide on how to create a video using Panopto Capture.

How to find Panopto Capture

You can access the Panopto Capture web recorder:

1. Directly from within the Panopto Cloud dashboard by selecting Create then Panopto Capture. You can access the Panopto Cloud dashboard if you either:


2. From the Atto editor within Moodle. Read how to launch and use the Panopto Capture from within the Moodle Atto editor


From the Record Tab you will see Capture (Browser) which will open Panopto Capture.


When recording with Panopto Capture directly from within the Moodle course, the recording will become available to students for viewing as soon as it has been uploaded and processed if the course folder is set to publish immediately. 


How to record using Panopto Capture 

1. Open the Panopto Capture interface

2. Select your audio, video, screen, and application sources by clicking on the appropriate icon and choosing what you wish to record.  


Select your:

  • audio input using the microphone icon
  • video sources using the video camera icon
  • entire screen using the screens and apps icon

Using the screens and apps icon, you can choose:

  • your entire screen
  • any applications that you have open on your device (for example PowerPoint) using the screens and apps icon
  • any of the tabs that you have open within Chrome using the screens and apps icon

Record PowerPoint presentations using the screens and apps icon.

Unlike the Panopto Desktop Recorder, this will only record a video of your presentation rather than uploading the individuals slides. The slides will be recorded as a video stream when the presentation is put into slideshow mode. Ensure you put your presentation in slideshow mode before selecting the application window you wish to record. 

You can add multiple Screens and apps which will each be recorded as separate streams. 

You may be prompted to allow Panopto access to your microphone or camera, you will need to allow this to be able to record each source. 

3. To begin recording your video click the red circle at the bottom centre of Panopto Capture, the recording will start after 5 seconds.

To stop recording select the red square at the bottom centre of Panopto Capture. The recording will immediately begin to upload. 



4. Once you stop recording a new page will load showing details of your recording including upload progress: Do not close this window until you see the message 'it's safe to close your browser window'



5. You will see the option to record a new video or redo the video you just recorded. You also have the option to send logs to Panopto if you encountered an issue while recording or uploading.  

If you send logs you will see a popup message that will provide you with a reference ID. Please send this to along with a description of the issue so that the Lecture Capture team can liaise with Panopto to investigate. 



6. The time and date will be added as the title of your recording by default which can be edited as required by clicking on and updating the text. 

7. The location will appear as either the folder from which you launched Panopto Capture or My Folder if launched from the Panopto main dashboard. You can change the location by selecting a different folder from the drop-down list. 

8. You can add Tags to the video and also enter a description of the recording. 

9. You also have the option here to edit or watch the recorded session by clicking on View. 


10. The recording will automatically be made available according to the permissions on the folder where it has been added, but you are also able to add additional recipients in the box under 'share this video'.

You will only be able to add viewers with an account with access to Cambridge Panopto and they will be given permissions to view the recording. To do this type in the names of users or groups you wish to be able to view the recording and click send. This will send an email with a link to the recording which they can click and will be prompted to login to Panopto to view the session.  

Anyone who already has access to the folder will already be able to access the session through Moodle, so this feature only relates to users not enrolled in the course. 


11. The manage access button takes you directly to the session management options within Panopto. 

Panopto Capture uses failsafe recording, where your captured media is stored on the local file system using a database within the web browser. This means that even if your browser crashes or your computer turns off, your video will finish uploading the next time you launch Capture. 

Read How to create a video using Panopto Capture from Panopto.