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The Administration section is visible to institutional administrators and provides a method of allowing access to Toolkit for other users. You must select one institution at a time to view permissions.

The initial view shows a list of users with delegated access to the Entra ID and Blue AD objects for the institution, with ‘User Principal Name’ and ‘display name’ listed.


Add a user

To add a new user:

  • Select ‘add’ above the user table to grant a new user access to sections within Toolkit. A drawer opens to the right of the screen.
  • Enter their User Principal Name, then select the arrow (>) next to the section name to expand the permissions under. Use the checkboxes next to each permission to grant access to an area. You can select on the arrow (v) of the expanded section to minimise it before opening another. A count of permissions selected appears at the right of each of the permission sections.
  • Once you have chosen the desired permissions, select ‘add new user’ to add the user to the system.


Edit user

To edit a user:

  • Select a row and ‘Edit’ to view and edit permissions for a user. In this drawer the user’s existing permissions are displayed and can be edited.
  • Remove permissions by deselecting checked boxes and add permissions by checking boxes.
  • Select ‘apply changes’ to save changes.


Delete user

To delete a user:

  • Select the ‘Delete’ button to open a confirmation dialogue, asking if you are sure you want to delete the user.
  • Choose ‘Remove’ to delete or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action. There is no undo function for ‘Remove’.