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If you’ve forgotten your University account password (formerly Raven) you can reset it.

Please follow our guidelines on choosing a strong password and keeping it safe.

Resetting your University account password

Your University account password protects your accounts as well as access to systems and data. You can also use it log in to many University systems including your Microsoft 365 account.  

If you forget or need to change your University account password, you can change it in 2 ways:

Resetting your password using the self-service password recovery

If you've set up your self-service password recovery options, it's easy to reset your password. 

  1. Visit the self-service password recovery page
  2. Select 'Reset your password'. You'll be sent a code via your recovery email address or mobile phone number, according to your preferences.  
  3. When you enter your new password, the strength of your password will be shown as you type. We recommend using a 'Very strong' password. 

Requesting a password reset token 

Most colleges and departments also have an authorised password resetter who can give you a code to reset your password.

You can also get a code to reset your password by contacting UIS. We may need to arrange a video call or WhatsApp chat, and you'll need to show either your passport or photo driving licence as proof of identity. 

When you have your token:

  1.  Visit the University password management site and select 'Use password reset token'.
  2.  Enter your CRSid and the 16-character code on your token.
  3.  Enter a new password. The strength of your password will be shown as you type. We recommend using a 'Very strong' password. You may find our tips on choosing a strong password helpful.
  4. Enter your new password again in the 'Confirm password' field. 
  5. Select 'Set password'. It may take up to 30 minutes for the change to take effect across all systems.