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TechLink Scheme

About the TechLink Scheme

The TechLink scheme is provided by University Information Services for IT professionals and staff providing IT support in Colleges, Departments and University-related institutions.

Access to the scheme is restricted to known supporters of IT throughout the University and its Colleges. In practice this is people who support other users and solve their IT problems, for at least part of their normal work (the scheme is not solely intended for IT professionals).

Scheme members are made known to the UIS Service Desk so that appropriate support can be provided to those that support others.

As part of the scheme, UIS organises TechLink Talks, which are briefing sessions and workshops on particular issues of interest to the IT community.  Complementing these talks are some Reports and Materials (cam-only).

Scheme members will automatically be enrolled in the IT Support mailing list used to keep support staff informed of developments, and to allow distribution of appropriate information amongst the IT community. There is a separate mailing list for those who want to receive UIS downtime notifications by email.

Optionally, for IT support staff who wish it, we can direct to them personally by name any people in their institution who have problems which fall outside the scope of the UIS Service Desk and are more appropriately dealt with by local support staff.

Joining the Scheme

Anybody who supports other users and solves their IT problems for at least part of their normal work may apply to become a member of the scheme. If the request is approved a formal invitation will be issued.

Some new members of staff will find that an invitation is emailed to them shortly after appointment. However, this is only likely to happen if UIS has been informed about them.

Others should contact the IT Community Development Managers at for more information, and give reasons for wishing to apply (it may save time to mention whether there is someone, such as a line manager or administrative officer, who can provide confirmation of status). It is also much appreciated if notification of changes or termination of appointment is sent to the same address.

Mailing Lists

All members of the TechLink scheme are automatically made members of the mailing list

and at least one of

The purpose of having 3 lists is to reduce cross-posting. It should only ever be necessary to send a message to one of these lists because all members of the ucam-dept-ITSupport and ucam-College-ITSupport lists are also members of the ucam-ITSupport list.

Members can optionally receive downtime notifications by joining the mailing list

Members should normally have a University email address (ending for receiving email. We are also able to allow members to supply additional institutional addresses from which they can send to the lists.

TechLink Reports / Materials [cam-only]

LinkedIn Learning for the IT Community

LinkedIn Learning is world leading eLearning product used by many international business and Universities including Oxford, UCL, Edinburgh, Southampton and Ivy League. UIS is piloting the product which will be available for UIS staff and the IT Community until 16 June 2019

Service Management transition plan - Managed Web Service

UIS Service Decommissioning v1.2.pdf

Managed Web Service transition plan - slides


Welcome to Cambridge - video

2017 IT Induction Day Video by Ian Leslie, director of UIS, welcoming new IT staff to the University

MPEG-4 video icon IT-Induction-2017-1A-Welcome-to-Cambridge-Ian-Leslie.mp4 — MPEG-4 video, 468.45 MB (491203223 bytes)

Welcome to Cambridge - Slides

IT Induction Day 2017 Richard Hey's slides from his talk looking at the overall structure of the University

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-1B-Welcome-to-Cambridge-Richard-Hey.pdf — PDF document, 1.31 MB (1376770 bytes)

IT within the University

Slides from Ronald Haynes' talk looking at the IT structures within the University

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-2-IT-within-the-University-Ronald Haynes.pdf — PDF document, 2.19 MB (2298302 bytes)

The User

IT Induction Day 2017 Slides from Michelle Hollins' talk about users and CRSIDs

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-3-The-user-Michelle-Hollins.pdf — PDF document, 1.23 MB (1293247 bytes)

The network - slides

IT Induction Day 2017 Slides from Jon Holgate's talk about the University Data Network and Granta Backbone Network

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-4-The-network-John-Holgate.pdf — PDF document, 2.70 MB (2832186 bytes)

Your Responsibilities

IT Induction Day 2017 Slides from Kieren Lovell's talk looking at the responsibilities of an IT officer within the University

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-5-Your-responsibilities-Kieren-Lovell.pdf — PDF document, 3.33 MB (3490847 bytes)

University-wide services

IT Induction Day 2017 Slides from Paul Mazumdar's talk looking at services provides by UIS that you might not expect

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-6-University-wide-services-Paul-Mazumdar.pdf — PDF document, 2.34 MB (2455895 bytes)

Building the IT community

IT Induction Day 2017 Slides from the ensemble presentation given by Ronald Haynes, Rinku Raina and Marina Aldridge

PDF document icon IT-Induction-2017-7-Building-the-IT-community-Ronald-Rinku-Marina-Natalie.pdf — PDF document, 2.43 MB (2544716 bytes)

GBN 25 Years

Jon Holgate's slides from the GBN 25 year event

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation icon GBN 25 Years.pptx — application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation, 20.25 MB (21233196 bytes)

Security Podcast: January 2018

Paul Mazumdar and Kieren Lovell have a monthly discussion of security issues

MP3 audio icon sp001.mp3 — MP3 audio, 29.78 MB (31224265 bytes)

UIS Security Podcast: Episode 002

Episode 2 of the UIS security podcast

MP3 audio icon sp002 mix.mp3 — MP3 audio, 29.39 MB (30819415 bytes)

GDPR Implications

Maddy Taylor's slides from the 14 February 2018 TechLink on GDPR

PDF document icon TechLink Seminar on GDPR Implications for UIS for COs.pdf — PDF document, 4.08 MB (4276148 bytes)

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