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What are Call Groups? 

The call sharing and group call pickup features of Microsoft Teams let you share your incoming calls with colleagues so they can answer calls that occur while you are unavailable.

Group call pickup is less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing because you can configure how you want your group to be notified of an incoming shared call. The order in which members of the call group are notified about the incoming call can be specified as simultaneous or in order (with 5 or less members).

Teams Call Groups replace the Pick-up Groups on the Cisco phone system, with the added benefit of allowing you to configure them yourself.

Things to be aware of

  1. Everyone in your pickup group must use the same phone system.
    Neither Cisco CallManager nor Teams Phone support a mix of users across both phone systems.  
  2. Teams Call Groups only support a single level of agent (CallManager supports 3).

Microsoft's user guide