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Wifi coverage around the University

The Wireless Service provides wifi coverage in all departments and many Colleges and outdoor locations throughout the University and city centre.

We support 3 wifi networks for different user groups:


University staff and students


eduroam is an international initiative for academic visitors and internal users. Users can stay connected around Cambridge and other Universities around the world.

To use eduroam, users will need to configure their wireless devices. Visitors to the University will need to set up eduroam access at their home institution before they arrive in Cambridge.

Read technical information about eduroam



UniOfCam-IoT is for devices like these that cannot be set up on eduroam, but can accept a wifi password. They also need to be able to support WPA2 or WPA3-PSK.

It is for personal devices such as:

  • media streaming devices like Apple TV
  • smart speakers like Amazon Echo
  • equipment such as printers.

The service is designed for staff and students to use with personal devices in College and University buildings. It's should not be used by devices that are shared by lots of people in an institution, like a shared office printer, or infrastructure devices like a building management system.

Read technical information about UniOfCam-IoT


Public and guests


Visitors and guests of the University can connect to our free guest wifi using their email address or social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Coverage includes:

  • all University institutions
  • most colleges
  • selected city centre outdoor locations
  • University museums

Read technical information about UniOfCam-Guest


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Wireless technical information

UIS can provide access points to departments, colleges and other institutions interested in renting them. These access points are centrally managed by UIS and will broadcast the UniOfCam and eduroam services.

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Wireless site surveys

Our team of experienced and qualified wireless engineers can perform extensive and detailed wireless surveys of your institution. They have considerable experience with different types of University institutions and overcoming their challenges. We produce full wireless survey reports, complete with recommendations on access point model, antenna, location and orientation.

Find out more about wireless site surveys


RADIUS service

UIS operates a RADIUS infrastructure for the purpose of authenticating, authorising and accounting network access requests. This service is federated with eduroam(UK) which is, in turn, linked to the international eduroam federation. Access to the RADIUS service is available to University and College institutions running their own internal RADIUS proxies and servers.

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