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Join a Teams meeting  

If the room has been booked for a Teams meeting, the control panel wakes up automatically 5 minutes before meeting start.

  1. Tap the Join button on the control panel:

Why isn't there a Join button on the control panel?

Usually it's because the 'Teams meeting' option wasn't enabled when the meeting invitation was created in Outlook or Teams:


Admit external guests waiting in the Lobby

The Room Kit won't alert you if there are external guests (non-university people) waiting in the meeting's virtual Lobby. 

Someone in the room must join the meeting on their personal device to admit the external guests.


End the meeting

  1. Tap the red End Call button on the control panel:

The Room Kit will switch off automatically after the meeting.


Using Teams meeting features in the meeting room


In-room participants don’t have access to the Chat feature. If you want to be able to follow the meeting chat, connect to the meeting on your personal device.

Raise Hand

In-room participants can’t use the Raise Hand feature. You could physically raise your hand instead. If you want to be able to use the Raise Hand feature in the app, connect to the meeting on your personal device.

Breakout Rooms

You can use the breakout rooms feature, but the hybrid meeting room itself cannot be assigned as a breakout room. Assign remote participants to your breakout rooms, then treat the in-person attendees as if they are in their own breakout room (although it’s really just the main meeting). When breakout rooms end, all attendees will return to the hybrid meeting.


The Room Kit will can’t differentiate who in the room said what. When you use the transcript feature, all contributions by in-room attendees will be labelled with the meeting room name.


Stop audio feedback from in-room personal devices

Everyone in the room using a personal device must mute both their microphone and speakers – the Room Kit manages the audio for the whole room.