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This version is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 (except 1511 and 1507 versions), Windows 8.1 update 1 and Windows 7 SP1.

Further supported platform information can be found on the Trellix site here:

Supported platforms for Endpoint Security




Download and install Trellix Endpoint Security. (Updated September 2023) 

This version includes:

  • Endpoint Security Platform version
  • Threat Prevention version
  • Adaptive Threat Protection version

When downloading, select More actions, Keep and Show more, Keep anyway.

When starting the install, click More Info followed by Run Anyway

Windows Defender is disabled during install and will be reenabled if/when you uninstall Trellix ENS





Please read then click 'OK'.



Click 'Setup' and wait for the installation to finish.



When the installation is complete the installer window will disappear.


Installer including Web Control

A version of the above software that includes Web Control is available here:

Download Download and install Trellix Endpoint Threat Prevention with Web Control following the same installation instructions as above.


Previous versions

If you're still using previous versions, we recommend installing the latest version, available above.

Uninstalling Trellix Endpoint Security

You can manually uninstall Trellix Endpoint Security.

In the control panel, select Programs and Features and uninstall the following items in this order:

  1. Trellix Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection
  2. Trellix Endpoint Security Web Control (if installed)
  3. Trellix Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
  4. Trellix Endpoint Security Platform (if the above step hasn't already done so)
  5. Trellix Agent

If the uninstall fails, a removal tool is available (expires 31/05/2024).

A removal tool user guide is available here.