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Antivirus software: Windows


This new version (10.6.1 - uploaded 04/10/2018) is compatible with Windows 10 1809 upgrade 


Download Download and install McAfee Endpoint Threat Prevention.



Wait for the setup screen to finish and close.

Right click the 'M' shield newMshield1 in the system tray and select 'McAfee Endpoint Security'.




Click 'Adaptive Threat Protection'...


... and make sure 'Enable Observe mode' is not checked, to obtain best protection.



Click 'Apply' and close the McAfee console.

Installer including McAfee Web Control

A version of the above software that includes McAfee Web Control is also available

DownloadDownload McAfee Endpoint Threat Prevention with Web Control here and follow the instructions above

Patches for 10.6.0 to allow Windows 10 1809 upgrade

Before upgrading to Windows 10 1809, you must upgrade McAfee 10.6.0 to McAfee Endpoint Security 10.6.1 and Adaptive Threat Protection 10.6.1

Either uninstall 10.6.0 and install the new version (available above) or apply the patches (available below) to machines running 10.6.0

Extract the contents of both zip files, then run setupEP_Patch.exe, followed by setupATP.exe

Download Endpoint Security Patch

Download Adaptive Threat Protection Patch

Hotfix for the previous version

If you are still using version 10.5.3, we recommend installing the latest hotfixes. Download both and install them in this order:

Download Hotfix 1 for McAfee ENS 10.5.3
Download Hotfix 1 for McAfee ATP 10.5.3

You may also wish to read the release notes for this hotfix.

PLEASE NOTE: these hotfixes are only for use with the previous version of ENS 10.3 and are NOT COMPATIBLE with 10.6

Uninstalling McAfee Endpoint Security

The stand-alone version of McAfee Endpoint Security can be manually uninstalled, but must be done in the correct order.

From Programs and Features (in the control panel), uninstall:

  1. McAfee Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection
  2. McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
  3. McAfee Endpoint Security Platform (if the above step hasn't already done so)
  4. McAfee Agent

If the uninstall fails, a removal tool is available.

Please note, this removal tool expires so you are forced to update it once a quarter to ensure you are using the latest removal tool, which contains new bug fixes or new functionality.

A removal tool user guide is available here.


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