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The University Managed Desktop (UMD) service is a managed desktop provision service. It covers Windows, macOS and iOS devices, and provides easy access to a range of popular productivity, collaboration and teaching applications, such as Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative suite and MATLAB. UIS manages the service and can offer support via its Service Desk. The service is available to all University departments and colleges.

Key features

  • Windows, macOS and iOS devices managed using best practices and technologies
  • Managed software installations
  • Integration with Microsoft 365, Office 365 and the University Managed Print service
  • Cloud management of devices
  • A range of configuration options
  • UIS can recommend hardware (which will be provisioned by the institution)

Why use the UMD?

A better experience for your users:

  • Devices arrive preconfigured
  • Users can access their device and software with a single University password
  • Access to a software portal to select applications to be pre-installed or added on demand
  • Printers and print queues are configured automatically
  • File storage is provided via UIS' Institutional File Store (IFS)

Better for your institution:

  • Institutions will get more time to focus on institution-specific tasks, rather than on IT delivery
  • Outsourcing the management of devices reduces time and costs for your institution
  • Integration with IFS means you no longer worry about providing and maintaining storage
  • It takes minutes to re-assign a machine to another user when a member of staff leaves your institution
  • A managed desktop with remote support reduces the need for on-site support and increases machine uptime
  • Applications can be pre-installed or added on demand
  • Applications installed at an institution or user level
  • Windows updates along with BIOS/firmware updates applied for you

Better for the University:

  • Institutions can use it to provide standardised machines for student or staff use
  • Improved cyber and information security of software and hardware: we automate software and operating system updates as soon as they become available to protect devices and University information against the latest exploits
  • Institutions can use a common look and feel Windows or Apple desktop

How do I trial or request the service?

You can request a demonstration or a trial system by contacting the UIS Service Desk.

Further information

Need help?

If you need help using a University Managed Desktop, contact the UIS Service Desk. You can subscribe to receive updates on the status of the service on our IT Service Status site.