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You must apply for a CRSid and University account in advance so they’re ready for your new starter’s first day. 

You should still complete both of the forms below even if your new starter has worked at the University before. This will ensure that their access rights are updated.  

You should complete the UIS account requests and changes form first as you need this before you can apply for a professional services account. 

Please allow 5 working days for a University account to be created.  


If you’re using the Temporary Employment Service (TES) 

If you’ve employed a new staff member via the Temporary Employment Service (TES), we know this may have been done at short notice. We'll try to resolve this quickly, but we appreciate your patience. 

We may need confirmation from a TES member or previous line manager to ensure the new staff member no longer needs their previous access. 


Complete the UIS account requests and changes form 

You need to complete the UIS account requests and changes (Jackdaw) form

Use this to request a CRSid and University account (formerly Raven). You should also use it to notify us of existing University staff transferring to your division. 


Request or update a professional services (ACN) account 

You need to fill in a new account (UA1) form.

This form adds access to shared mailboxes and shared folders. It also creates any alternative email addresses that may be needed. For example, or 

You will need the:  

  • new user’s CRSid (once this has been assigned, you can find this on the registration request in Jackdaw) 
  • new user’s name  
  • contract type (permanent, fixed, contract)  
  • start date  
  • end date if not permanent  
  • line manager’s CRSid  
  • office location (onsite, remote, permanent)  
  • CRSid of user to have the same access as  

You'll also need to know: 

  • Whether Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) access is required  
  • whether the new user will be a Cambridge University Finance System (CUFS) user  

You’ll receive an email with a list of your new user's access rights. Please confirm the rights or request changes. The Service Desk will then modify the account if needed and enable it.  If you do not confirm, the account will remain disabled.   

If you have any queries or problems, please contact the Service Desk.  


What a new starter needs to do on their first day 

A new starter should: 

  1. register on the new user sign-up website 
  2. set up their University account password (formerly called Raven) and their self-service password recovery if they’re new to the University 
  3. log in to their new laptop or desktop 
  4. set up multi-factor authentication 
  5. set up their email 
  6. set up Teams 
  7. access files and folders 
  8. connect to wifi 
  9. connect to printers  
  10. set up your devices so that you can work from home 

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