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The sources from which an expiry date may be taken are:  

  • CHRIS record End Date 
  • CamSIS record End Date 
  • Registration form Review Date (shown as Review Date in Lookup) 

If a Cardholder has a permanent staff status, they will receive a Card valid for ten years. Otherwise, the system will compare all available end dates and use the end date furthest into the future. 

Note: the system is not currently able to distinguish between a permanent employee record and an open-ended ceremonial position in CHRIS, which is leading to some incorrect expiry dates. If you are encountering this problem, please contact for advice. 


Student expiry dates are calculated as the CamSIS End Date + 75 days 

  • CamSIS uses the student’s Expected Graduation Term and the Term End Date to determine the student’s End Date 
  • The term End Dates used are: 
    • Michaelmas Term: 19 December 
    • Lent Term: 25 March 
    • Easter Term: 18 June 
  • A change request has been submitted to CamSIS asking for the following dates to be used as Term End Dates for PhD students: 
    • Michaelmas Term: 04 January 
    • Lent Term: 16 April 
    • Easter Term: 30 September  

Permanent staff 

Someone will be considered as permanent staff if they either: 

  • Have a live CHRIS record with no End Date 
  • Have a Registration form submitted with a Standing of 'Staff' and a Review Date of 2.5 years or more in the future. 

Permanent staff will receive a Card valid for 10 years. 

Fixed-term staff 

Fixed term staff either: 

  • Have an End Date in CHRIS 
  • Have a Registration Form submitted with a Standing of 'Staff' and a Review Date less than 2.5 years or more in the future. 

Visitor/other categories 

For other Cardholders, expiry dates are based on the Review Date given on their Registration Form. The maximum validity of these Cards is 3 years.