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Follow this guide to migrate Apple hardware to the UMD.  


  1. Check hardware requirements
  2. Check networking requirements
  3. Ensure that UIS have been provided with the serial numbers of devices to be migrated. Contact if this has not already been done. 
  4. Connect laptops to a power source

Brand new computers 

Single-user devices: follow the Getting started with single-user configured UMD devices on macOS guide. 

Shared-use devices: follow the Deploying the UMD on shared-use macOS devices guide

Previously configured computers 


Follow the guide on building a macOS installer and boot the Mac.

Installing macOS 

  1. Close macOS Installer
  2. Select Disk Utility and click Continue
  3. Select Macintosh HD from the Internal section and click Erase
  4. When complete quit Disk Utility
  5. Join the Mac to wifi or ethernet network. macOS requires a network connection to install
  6. Select Install macOS Ventura
  7. Agree to the License Terms
  8. Select Macintosh HD and click Continue
  9. When the Mac reboots follow the appropriate guide:

    Single-user devices: follow Getting started with single-user configured UMD devices on macOS

    Shared-use devices: follow Deploying the UMD on shared-use macOS devices