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Raven login required to watch the video. If you have problems, you can view this video on the SMS:

  1. Log in to the University Card Management System.
  2. Open the Cardholder's record (instructions).
  3. If necessary, upload a new photo and wait for it to be approved by the Card Office before revoking the old Card.
  4. Click Revoke Card.
  5. Note a reason in the pop-up dialog and click Accept.
  6. The old Card will show as 'Revoked'.


  • Replacement Cards: an active Card must be revoked before a new Card can be requested. A temporary access card can be issued to maintain access until the new Card has arrived.
  • Replacing an expiring Card: we advise you to check the Card details and ensure the photo is current and approved before revoking the old Card to minimise the gap between the revocation and receipt of the new Card.