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UIS Training and Teaching Facilities

UIS Training Services has five training facilities that can be hired if available.

All training facilities are equipped with an instructor machine, projectors, sound systems, microphones and induction loops.

Titan Rooms Phoenix Rooms
   T1 T2 P1 P2 17 Mill Lane
MCS Windows/Linux
40 40 25 4 12
MCS Mac Workstations Red cross Red cross Red cross 15 Red cross
Instructor PCs (MCS) 2 2 2 1
Instructor PCs (ACN) Red cross Red cross Red cross Red cross 1
Projectors 2 2 2 1 1
Sound System Tick Tick Tick Tick Red cross
Desk Microphone Tick Tick Tick Tick Red cross
Lapel Microphone Tick Tick Tick Red cross Red cross
Wireless Access (eduroam) Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Whiteboard Tick Tick Red cross Tick Tick
Flipcharts Red cross Red cross Red cross Red cross Red cross
Connectivity for presenter's laptop to projector (HDMI / VGA / Thunderbolt) Tick Tick Tick Tick Red cross
Printer Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
MFD (Multi-Functional Device - Printer/Scanner/Copier) Red cross Red cross Red cross Tick Red cross
Scanner (connected to PC) 1 1 Red cross 3 Red cross
Induction Loop Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick


Induction to the training facilities

Lecturers/Trainers/Presenters that have not used the venue before or in the last year must attend a room induction within two weeks of the course, as operational support is not supplied during the course unless in an emergency.

MCS software

In general, bookings can only be made if the software required for the course is currently installed on the MCS workstations and the course lecturer and students are eligible to use the software under its license agreement.

Please refer to Software on the MCS for a list of software currently available on the MCS.

MCS user accounts

Each teaching room has a number of workstations with MCS software installed. Access to the workstations is gained by existing personal MCS accounts or, for the purpose of a course, by temporary course identifiers. If course identifiers are required this must be requested at the time of booking. Typically, Departments ask their students to use their own MCS accounts. If this is the case, please remind them to have their MCS password handy.

MCS filespace

Any files that need to be copied to the workstations must be supplied in advance of the course.

Hire fees

Facility bookings incur a sliding scale charge dependent on the usage volume. A price will be supplied after we receive your initial booking or contact for further details.


  • Bookings from University Departments do not incur VAT.
  • Bookings from all non-University Departments including Colleges, Affiliated Institutions and Student Societies are subject to VAT; prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

How to book a training facility

If the software is installed on the MCS, and you would like to book a UIS Training and Teaching Facility, please complete one of our online booking forms:

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