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IT Help and Support

University Information Services

UIS provides administrative support for HR and payroll by managing the following services.

Employee self-service

The Employee self service (ESS) allows University employees to access the records held about them on the University's HR and payroll system. Employees can update personal information, download payslips as well as P60 forms.

Features and benefits

ESS enables University employees to:

  • access their employment history instantly
  • view and download both current and historic records like P60s and payslips​
  • edit personal data without the need to refer to a central administrator

How do I get this service

New employees are enrolled in ESS automatically once they have been issued with a CRSid and Raven password.

In case of problems, please contact the .

HR record administration

The CHRIS HR and Payroll System holds the central HR and payroll records for all University employees and pays their salaries.

If you are a member of departmental administrative staff, you can access the system to view employment information on your staff and make certain changes to their records without needing to refer to the central HR Division.

Features and benefits

  • view staff records including salary and other contractual details, sickness and family-related absences, personal details including contact details and emergency contact details
  • enter details of sickness absence, so you don't have to send forms to HR
  • enter details of appraisals
  • confirm when probation periods have ended
  • make people 'leavers' when their employment ends
  • departmental administrators can make certain changes to their staffs' records without needing to refer to the central HR Division

How to get this service

If you need access to CHRIS, you should ask the appropriate Key Contact to complete a User Registration Form on your behalf.

Once authorised, access can usually be arranged in 5 working days, however you will require training before your user account is activated. You will need a CRSid and Raven password to make use of your CHRIS account.

If you have any queries, have a problem with one of the systems, or want to suggest an enhancement then please contact the H.

University Payment System

The University Payment System (UPS) allows Departments and Institutions to pay people providing short-term services to the University, such as sessional lecturers. You shouldn't use it for:

  • self-employed people (who will submit an invoice to be paid through CUFS)
  • temporary workers (who get paid through TES)
  • University employees (who are on the Payroll system)

Features and benefits

  • online payment claim submission
  • claim forms are electronically approved by authorised users
  • data is automatically passed to Payroll for validation and payment
  • electronic paylips are automatically emailed
  • reduced administrative burden for Departments and Institutions
  • quick and easy for workers to submit payment claims
  • quicker payment authorisation
  • workers receive electronic payslips

How to get this service

You can request access to UPS by getting in touch with .

Online recruitment

The Online Recruitment System lets administrators and approvers process requests to 'create', 'advertise' and 'fill' job vacancies. This set of actions are recorded in the Recruitment Administration System (RAS). Once the job advert details are approved, they are automatically published to the University's Job Opportunities site, and the details are passed automatically to the Web Recruitment System to provide information for the next stage of the administration process.

Applicants can apply online and upload their supporting documents. Administrators can share applications with selectors and record progression through the stages of the recruitment process.

Certificate of Sponsorship requests can be managed online, along with other employment checks.

Once a successful candidate has been identified, the job offer can be managed online. Once completed, data is transferred to the HR and Payroll system.

Features and benefits

  • online permission to fill offices and posts
  • places job adverts automatically
  • online application form
  • system-generated rejection correspondence
  • system-generated references requests
  • system-generated offer letters
  • online appointment administration to ensure greater accuracy and speed
  • on completion, the successful candidate's data is sent to the HR and Payroll system
  • saves you time by reducing the adminstrative overhead required to manage the end-to-end recruitment process
  • you don't have to deal individually with multiple publications to get your adverts placed
  • quick and easy online process for applicants
  • helps ensure greater data accuracy as information is passed between systems

How to get this service

Users can register to use RAS (for 'permission to fill' and 'advert adminstration') by contacting the .

For administrators, once access is approved by the Institution’s key contact for HR systems, access will be provided typically within 2 working days to RAS and Web Recruitment.

The person who created the vacancy in RAS will automatically have access to it in the Web Recruitment System. They can grant access to anyone else with a CRSid and Raven password, if they wish.

Job advertising support for Colleges and affiliated institutions

If you work for Colleges or affiliated institutions, you can increase the audience for your job adverts by using this service to create summary adverts on the University's Job Opportunities site, which will redirect anyone viewing these entries to your own web pages.

For any vacancy you advertise, you can use the Colleges and Affiliated Institutions Advertising System (CAIAS) to create a link from the University's job opportunities pages to the advert, hosted on your own web pages. This increases the exposure of the advert.

How to get this service

You can request access to CAIAS by contacting the .

Thereafter, you can access the system with your password for Raven:

 Colleges and Affiliated Institutions Advertising System (CAIAS)