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What MyNCSC is

MyNCSC is a free suite of security services offered by the National Cyber Security Centre. It currently consists of Web Check and Mail Check. Web Check helps identify potential vulnerabilities in your websites and offers remediation advice. Mail Check helps identify that anti-spoofing and privacy protections are in place and offers security advice if they are not.  


Benefits of using MyNCSC

  • Daily website scans for vulnerabilities. 
  • Receive notifications if any vulnerabilities are identified. 
  • Regularly updated list of vulnerabilities. 
  • Advice provided on how to remediate found vulnerabilities. 
  • Advice and reporting on email protection including TLS, SPF, DKIM and DMARC. 


Who can use MyNCSC

Anyone who manages a University website or email domain.


How to access MyNCSC

Please send an email request to access MyNCSC to Please list any domains or email domains that you want to set up with MyNCSC reports.


How to set up MyNCSC 

The NCSC need unrestricted access to the websites to produce these reports You may have firewalls or other protective solutions in place that you will need to update. You will need to allow the following address through: 


Currently, MyNCSC only needs to validate ownership of domains for Mail Check. This is done by adding a DNS token as a Text Record to DNS. All subdomains have already been validated. If you manage a domain hosted elsewhere, you will need to generate a token and have it added separately. 


Future developments 

MyNCSC is still in development, with new features and services expected soon.

We are currently restricted on the number of Teams we can use in MyNCSC. Teams allow us to separate reporting. This means Faculties and departments are currently grouped into Teams by School. Colleges and Institutions are in alphabetically grouped Teams. We hope that this is a short-term solution. 


Get help and support 

Please direct any queries to