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University Information Services
  1. In the toolbar menu at the top, go to Data > Rooms. Find the room you want to set up in the list and select the pencil icon to edit.



  2. In the 'Edit Room' screen select 'Rules'.



  3. Select the 'Requires Check-in' checkbox, so that the box is ticked. 



  4. Select 'Update Room' to save the changes. The room or resource is now set up to require check-in. You now need to set up the QR code. 

  5. Go to Data > Rooms. Select the relevant room from the list. 



  6. On the 'Room details' tab select 'Download QR Code'. The file will download.



  7. Select the downloaded file to open. You can also find this file in your downloads folder. 



  8. Print the QR code and place next to the room, hot-desk or resource. We recommend that you laminate the QR code. Room requestors can now scan this to check-in.