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Before you begin

You may find it useful to have this page open on a device other than the one you are trying to connect so that you can refer to them more easily—for example, a tablet or mobile phone. If you do not have a second device, you could also copy the instructions to a Word file or print them.

Set up your connection

  1. Open your Settings page. You can find this by entering “settings” in the Cortana search box and selecting ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Network & Internet’.
  3. Select ‘VPN’.
  4. Select ‘Add VPN’.
  5. Select ‘Add a VPN connection’.
  6. Fill in or confirm the fields as follows:
    • VPN provider: Windows (built-in) – select this to confirm
    • Connection name: ACN VPN
    • Server name or address:
    • VPN type: Automatic
    • Type of sign-in: Username and password
    • Username: leave this field blank
    • Password: leave this field blank
    • Remember my sign-in info: make sure the box is ticked. 
  7. Select ‘Save’
  8. Click the dropdown arrow next to your newly created VPN connection and select ‘Advanced options’.
  9. Select ‘Edit’ next to ‘More VPN properties’.
  10. Choose the Security tab, and under the heading ‘Type of VPN’, select ‘IKEv2’ from the drop down list.
  11. Under the heading ‘Data encryption’, select ‘Require encryption (disconnect if server declines)’.
  12. Under the heading ‘Authentication’ select the button next to ‘Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)’.
  13. Select ‘OK’ button. The panel will close.

Connecting to the network

  1. Visit the UIS Network Access Tokens site. Create a Network Access Token for using the VPN on your device. Keep the window or tab open as you'll need to copy the username and password.
  2. Open ‘Settings’. You can find this by typing “settings” in the Start (or Cortana) search box and selecting ‘Settings’ or by clicking on the cog icon in your start panel.
  3. Select ‘Network & Internet’.
  4. Select ‘VPN’ from the list on the left. Select ‘ACN VPN’.
  5. Select ‘Connect’.
  6. A Sign in box will appear. Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Username: enter the username for the Network Access Token you created in step 1. It will usually be in the format CRSid+[device][service] For example,
    • Password: paste in the password for the Network Access Token you created in step 1.

7.    Select ‘OK’. button. You should see the message ‘Connected’ below the ACN VPN icon.

Troubleshooting your connection

If you cannot connect to the University network, you can try to restart the service.

  1. Go to your Settings page and enter “administrative tools” in the search box. Select ‘Administrative Tools’ in the list.
  2. Select ‘Services’ in the list. Check that the status of ‘IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules’ is Running. If not, double-click to highlight the ‘IKE and AuthIP’ line, and change the Startup type to ‘Automatic’.